Frequently Asked Questions


What is the vision statement?

The vision for Oasis is that everyone who walks through the doors knows peace from the Prince of Peace. The invitation to Christian volunteers comes from a desire to create a space where Christians can express the love of Jesus through a welcoming and servant heart. The position suits those who thrive off meeting new people and who enjoy creating a friendly atmosphere. The volunteers here are working out of a desire to serve God.


What are the core values?

Our core values are: Servant-hearted, Gospel Centred and Relationship Based.


What is the volunteer opportunity?

20 hours per week work in exchange for bed and breakfast.


What will my schedule look like?

4 hours per day for 5 days per week (2 days off per week).


What length of time can I volunteer at Oasis?

The minimum stay is 4 weeks, the maximum stay is 6 weeks.


Which dates do you have available?

Once your application has been processed and accepted we will email you with an acceptance letter. We will then start discussing arrival/leaving dates with you according to your availability. Please do not book flights until your dates have been confirmed by us.


Where will I be staying?

Your accommodation is provided at The Guest House.

The sleeping arrangment is a bunk bed in the volunteer bedroom "The Surf Shack".


What are the food arrangements?

You will be staying at a Bed & Breakfast Guest House. Breakfast is provided for the volunteers. For lunch and evening meals you can use the shared kitchen/living room to store food and prepare meals.


Where can I buy food?

There are two local stores in the village which are just a 3 minute walk from The Guest House. Here you can find the basics. There is a gluten free section in one of the stores. In Arrecife (the capital) there are large supermarkets like LIDL.


Do I need to bring linen & towels with me?

No. All linen and towels are provided.


Will I be able to wash my clothes?

Yes. You may use the washing machine to wash your clothes.


Will I have access to WIFI?

Yes. There is WIFI in the communal area.


Do I need to speak spanish?

No. Spanish is useful for when you buy food in the local store however it is not necessary.


Do I need to speak English?

Yes. You must have an excellent level of conversational English.


How can I get to the beach?

We have 3 mountain bikes. Famara and La Santa are each 4km away from the house. Hitch-hiking to Famara is also really easy because there is only one road that leads in and out of Famara. There is a bus that goes down to Famara 5 times per day.


Can I learn to surf during my stay?

You will have plenty of time to surf. If it is your first time surfing we encourage you to take one or two lessons at the surf schools in Famara.


How much money will I need?

Accomodation and breakfast are included. You only need to plan the cost of daily lunch and dinner plus all activities you want to do on the Island.

We sell Merchandise (Caps and Tshirts) at a heavily discounted price to volunteers. Only 10€ per item. Please bear this in mind if you wish to purchase.


How do I get to you from the airport?

Airport pick-up and drop-off is provided by us for 20€. Please have the cash ready to give to us on arrival. A taxi would cost 40€ one way. Public Bus transfer is possible but you will need to make a connection.


Can I smoke and drink alcohol?

Smoking in the grounds of The Guest House is only permitted for paying guests. We prefer non-smoking volunteers however if you do smoke you can smoke in the car park. You must not consume alcohol during the work hours. In your free time you can enjoy a cold beer or wine in a responsable way.


Is there a dress code during my working hours?

Yes. We require you dress respectfully.


Is there anything I need to bring?

Yes. Please bring a recent photo to add to our "meet the team" board


What happens if I have an accident?

As we have volunteers from all over the world please take care of your visa and insurance protection.