We offer a volunteer opportunity for Christians at



We are looking for mature, self motivated, adventurous Christians to join our team in a small village, off the beaten track, on the island of Lanzarote. The volunteer opportunity is 20 hours a week of work in exchange for bed and breakfast.


There are 3 volunteer positions available:


(1) Hospitality

Breakfast set up and pack down (no cooking involved), cleaning guest rooms, simple gardening, pool cleaning (easy to learn)



(2) Maintenance / Trade Skills

General maintenance OR let us know your trade and we will discuss projects.



(3) Content Producer / Social Media Manager

Are you a photographer, videographer and/or editing genius?



The Bed and Breakfast Guest House is open to everyone and anyone. The vision for the Guest House is that everyone who walks through the doors knows peace from the Prince of Peace. The invitation to Christian volunteers comes from a desire to create a space where Christians can express the love of Jesus through a welcoming and servant heart. The position suits those who thrive off meeting new people and who enjoy creating a friendly atmosphere. The volunteers here are working out of a desire to serve God. Their work comes from a deep passion for people and hospitality. We are an Oasis, a place where you come to feel peace and life.


There is space to meet for bible study, prayer and worship (we have a guitar here!). Come with your gifts, talents and creativity. There is no set program for any of these activities - they are organized and initiated by the volunteers. The volunteers do invite guests to join however they also stay sensitive not to intrude in the guests space. We do not underestimate the impact of honesty, integrity and transparency in our interactions with each other and with guests. This is a powerful witness in itself.


Every week is different at Oasis. You may find one week the guests are mostly singles and groups of friends so everyone is keen to hang out during the day and eat together in the evenings; other weeks the rooms could be filled with all couples so it can feel like a 'quieter' week (in terms of community). We find that mature volunteers adapt very well to the changing dynamics. Our weekly BBQs always have a good turn out and are a good opportunity to spend time with guests who are otherwise eating out in the evenings.


During free time volunteers use their own initiative to explore the island, surfing, cycling (yes we have bikes here) and making the most out of their time here. Check out this experience from a previous volunteer:



To summarize the attitude of the volunteers is one of self-motivation and responsibility for taking hold of this opportunity and making it their own!